Logi Firesteel #X4


« Loge » means “fire” in old norse and in the nordic mythology Logi is a giant and god of fire. That’s why this firesteel bears this name.

This firesteel is the perfect companion for your bushcraft, camps or outdoors activities… Stylish but also sized to be really handy, reliable and durable. This is not a gadget.

The scratcher is hand made in quality steel. You can even sharpen it to make little survival knife of it, but first of all you’ll have a good and strong scratcher without need of damaging you knife

Each one is unique and handmade, the handle is made from oak wood and brass, the bead is made from oak with pyrographed decoration and the lanyard is made of paracord

The wood is protected by a layer of a mix natural beeswax and Jojoba oil


  • Total length between 15 and 16 cm
  • Diameter of the ferrocerium: 12,7 mm
  • Dimensions of the scratcher: +/- 7 x 2 x 0,3 cm

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